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Open Letter by Gerald Curry

I am certain that most would agree that life is full of opportunities and the chance for improvement.  These opportunities are reduced significantly when you are poorly prepared. Gaining a quality education is essential to having increased opportunities and improving your lifestyle.  Most would agree that one sure fire key to success is gaining a good education. 

This month The Urban Voice focuses on the importance of education.  The Campaign for High School Equity shares with us their pursuits in attempting to embrace all children by implementing the Common Core State Standards in every U.S. high school. We sat down with the fourteenth Command Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, Alford McMichael, to hear how he is directly impacting children across the nation by getting them to see their real potential.  Diversity is a topic that most people avoid, but all of us confront daily in our lives.  The Hannah sisters share their thoughts on what it is like growing up multiracial in America and discuses many of the challenges they continually deal with. 

Access to education has eased over the years, but our nation continually struggles with skyrocketing high school dropout rates.  Parents are challenged with a very tough economy, possibly working multiple jobs, and increasing monthly expenses.  Addressing all these competing concerns has a tendency to wear you down if you let it.  The Urban Voice, District of Columbia wants to lighten your load.

Just like these overwhelming issues The Urban Voice, District of Columbia, is struggling to find legs and stabilize itself by creating sustainable strategies.  Our goal is to report on human interest stories that resonate with the urban communities in our great city. As we transition into different forms over the coming months, we invite you to take us with you everywhere you go, and share our stories with as many as will listen. Seek us out to report on your business, event or activity.  The Urban Voice, District of Columbia is here to support you!