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Washington, DC Big Barbeque! by Gerald Curry

On June 25th and 26th, downtown Washington, DC came to life with the smells of BBQ filling the streets at the National Capital BBQ Battle, sponsored annually by Safeway. Thousands of families crowded into the streets to sample the many different flavors of BBQ, chicken, turkey, duck, pork, fish, and other delicious dishes.  Pennsylvania Avenue between 9th and 14th streets was jam packed with BBQ enthusiasts, and people just looking for a great time.

This year was extra special because an all-star lineup of bands of leading notables:  Chuck Brown, Secret Society, EU, Y2K, gospel sensation Alex Williams, DJ Quicksilva, Anthony Brown, the Niki Bar Band, Nadine Rae, and many more kept the attendees entertained throughout the day.  NBA legends participated and signed autographs at the NBA tent. Children had the opportunity of getting their faces painted, palms read, and jumping around in the bounce castles. 

Truly, this was a family affair that will not be soon forgotten.  This year BBQ chefs came from far and wide to sport their wares and exhibit their finest recipes.  A variety of meats were cooked right in front of your very eyes, and there were BBQ-eating contests that several bold individuals participated in. People were dancing in the streets, just having a grand old time!

Vendors set up early and kept the attendees busy sampling food, trying on jewelry, learning about the latest in environmental technology, and whatever you can imagine.  Everyone had had a great time and stood in long lines to sample new and exotic BBQ dishes. Every table was filled with people of all ages licking their fingers and looking for the next dish to try.  Children were kept busy with clowns and kiddy rides, while parents were able to partake of new and different foods from around the region.

Make sure next year that you bring your family out to the Safeway National Capital BBQ Battle.  I am certain you will be glad you did.  Whatever you do, don’t miss this opportunity!

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