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Open Letter by Gerald Curry

In this issue we focus on the importance of family, and for good reasons.  The family is the centerpiece for support, hope, and guidance throughout one’s life.  A wise man has said, “You can’t select your family!” This is a very true statement, so whether you were born into a very wealthy and prosperous family, or one that is rich only in love and support, it is your family.  Most will agree that regardless of the social status of our family, we love both the good and the bad.

The family is the very nucleus and foundation for success; it teaches all of us the difference between right and wrong.  Naturally, some families do a better job than others.  Regardless of the type of family you came from, I am certain you would consider your family a blessing on many levels.  From our very beginning, parents and other relatives do their very best to ensure our safety, support, and nurturing.  Not only do we gain our personal looks from our family, we gain our mannerisms and, many times, aspirations from family members.

When asked who your biggest personal hero is, many times it is a member of one’s family.  I know for me it is.  I watched my Father work really hard two, and many times up to three, jobs just in an attempt to take care of my brothers and me.  My family taught me the meaning of love; I mean real love.  I was able to learn how to be both a father and a husband from watching my Father, and boy, did he provide a great example! 

Enjoy each of the articles in this edition. I am certain you will be inspired and encouraged by paying closer attention to your family over the coming weeks and months.  Regardless of how dysfunctional your family may seem at times, it is your family, and you ought to take time out to love everything about it.  Our families are truly a beautiful blessing from God, and we need to thank our family members daily for being the unique individuals they are.  Take time out today and tell every member in your family how much you love them and share the articles in this edition of The Urban Voice with all of them. 

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