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Muscle Tone and Strength by Bruce Croom

Often in the fitness industry, we hear people say, “I want to get in shape and tone up.” Every one of us absolutely has the ability to be fit and be strong. After all, it’s what our bodies are designed to do.

Achieving muscle tone is actually not that hard. Muscle tone is simply having an appearance of muscle from a reduction in fat in a given area or from gaining muscle size in a given area. All of us have muscle definition underneath our layers of skin and fat. The less fat that surrounds the muscle, the more the muscle definition will stand out. The larger the muscle in a given area, the less fat can occupy that same space. Ultimately, both scenarios can create the ever popular “toned” or “ripped” look.

The first thing one should consider in having the toned look is nutrition. Proper diet can shape your body to desirable results without even picking up a weight or setting foot in a gym. Strength and weight training however will keep your body’s natural metabolism high, which in turn will cause you to burn more fat in general. Being relatively strong and having muscle mass is also good for us as we get older. So we advocate that the perfect combination of proper nutrition and weight training will give you ultimate results.

Remember fat and muscles are two completely different things. To dispel the common myth, one does not turn into the other. Muscles grow with weight training, then fat simply is burned away through the muscle growth and calorie expenditure (cardio). Women often stay away from weights for fear of appearing “bulky”. This is another myth. Women are not designed to be bulky. This look occurs, for example, when you lift improperly (too heavy) or do not eat properly to reduce the layer of fat surrounding the muscle.

Short range of motion (ROM) also is a culprit of bulky appearances. A short ROM will build your muscles just that way, short and stumpy. Long, lean muscle is created when exercises are performed with full ROM giving you the look that you want, not to mention more strength and overall flexibility. Men sometimes want to appear bulky so they will lift heavy weights and practice short ROM. Although men can scientifically get away with this more so than women, they too should practice a full ROM to get that leaned out effect.

The human body is truly amazing and it will adapt to whatever you put it through. Your muscles will grow and you will become stronger as you work out. The body gains strength and loses strength all in about the same relative time phase, about every three days for either. Maintain a regimented schedule so you will never have to worry about losing your strength. Eat 1.1 grams of protein per lean pound of muscle mass and drink plenty of water. These two things are what muscles are made of. It’s that simple!

So stop reading this article and go lift some weights!

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