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Family Reunions – Washington, DC Style by Carol White Campbell

September 10, 2011 will be the second Black Family Reunion on the National Mall without its founder, Dr. Dorothy Height.  The main purpose behind the Reunion is to highlight the positive side of black families through organized activities that address themes such as education, health, economic empowerment, teen issues, and family values.  The Reunion also invites families to enjoy family bonding while relaxing to music and entertainment in the summer heat and the natural surroundings of the grassy Mall.  McDonald’s® Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour featuring Grammy Award-winning gospel recording artist Hezekiah Walkeris is scheduled to be one of the performances at the Black Family Reunion celebration this year.  For more information on this year’s events go to http://www.ncnw.org/events/reunion.htm

Dr. Height passed away on April 20, 2010, but her spirit and legacy remain ever present.  Dr.  Height’s “family” ties were broad, including the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, the National Action Network, National Council of Negro Women (NCNW), the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the National Urban League, national African American civil rights leaders, dignitaries, and everyone with whom she came into contact.  Having the strong support system she had, Dr. Height most likely enjoyed the good and bad that we so often experience in family relationships.   What we know for sure is that studying the life of this great woman will give insight and knowledge on how to be a productive citizen and make the world a better place. 

One of Dr. Height’s last challenges to us was to look at economic opportunities to be employed, opportunities for all kinds of education, and opportunities for all kinds of training.  Pursuing these goals will eat away at the deep roots of poverty and position us for a better life in the 21st century. 

If you have the opportunity to gather with your family, be it at the Washington D.C. event or your own family reunion, take time to learn about your family history.  You will be surprised how much you will discover about yourself and others.  While you are at it, cook up a sweet potato pie in Dr. Height’s memory.  She loved the following pie adaptation created by Mary Bethune McCleod found at:


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